Friday, January 29, 2010

What's new for 2010........

I know I am about a month late to wish you a Happy New Year. I had a great holiday but as usual I picked up a sinus infection that just doesn't want to go away. Our weather here in MS has been crazy with the high and low temps and lots of rain. Enough on that subject.
Today I found a widget to add that I thought you could use. Look in the right panel for "Search Food Blogs" pic where you can look for other food blogs for more fabulous recipes. I also found a spot where you can vote on your favorite food blogs for 2010. Here is the site URL where you can vote as well as await the notice of the winners. It was fun looking back at who the winners were in years past.
Here is a list of some of my favorite blogs where you can find great recipes on a daily basis. I have put these folks on my Facebook and Twitter of which I have become addicted. You may want to get on their email list and then you can catch 'what's new' in your mailbox.
Southern Plate--
Pioneer Woman--
Chef John--
Gooseberry Patch--
There are many, many great foodie sites to peruse but lately I have stuck with these before and now, after the holidays. Newsletters are also a big source for a variety of foods/ideas/recipes.
My latest cooking binge is 'buttermilk biscuits'. All the sites I mentioned have biscuit recipes you may wish to get, make and make again. Sure beats store bought. Never thought I would ever say that. I usually cut the recipe in half so as not to have too many of them waiting every time I open the frig.