Friday, February 26, 2010


These recipes really applie to folks who like to make casseroles. I do and did alot of this when I was feeding four very hungry children and I had to stretch the meals. Maybe they were not too fond of them but it certainly filled their stomachs and noone went away hungry. One of the boys used to make sure he had a good helping left on his plate so he could take it back to college. I assume he had a microwave cuz it just would taste better heated.
Anyway I just found two great casseroles by the same Chef John. One is with chicken and asparagus and soups. The other is with tuna and noodles and soups. Either one could easily be doubled if you would like to take it to a covered dish gathering. I doubled the chicken recipe because the kids liked it so much and sometimes changed out the asparagus for some other vegetable. Asparagus was not really their favorite.
Even now I make these and other casseroles but not in such quantity. The whole idea for me is to have something easy to reheat from left-overs that still tastes as good or better. Another idea is to make potato casseroles(no meat) that will go with most meat entrees. Like chicken, pork or beef. Sometime when you go out to Cracker Barrel try their potato side which is great. I will look for the recipe and post it another day.
Have a good weekend and enjoy your cooking time. Make enough for next day reheats.

Monday, February 22, 2010


If you have been watching the Olympics you may have caught the ads for the dipping sauce at McD for their nuggets. I decided to do some searching for the ingredients and how-to make my own. I have a great recipe for chili sauce from my grandmother that I think is great. We make it when the time is right for fresh tomatoes, etc. Seems this is a similar sauce to what I found at many different sources but it is known as 'Sweet-Chili-Thai-Sauce' and somewhat different ingredients. Lots of chilis, naturally, rice vinegar(never used it).
Anyway I made a list of sites to get a different view of how to make it. So far I have not picked any particular recipe to start with. Maybe I need to get over to McD to taste it to see if I like it.
Sweet chilli sauce is a popular condiment in Western and Malaysian cuisine. It is commonly made with chillis and some sweetening ingredient such as fruit or a refined sugar.,1-0,sweet_chilli_sauce,FF.html
This recipe is really different from a blogger in Denmark. Decided to go back and read the blog for whatever else might be there.
Links to the best recipe sites on the net for hot sauces, chilli sauce and spicy food recipes. Looking for Mexican or Thai recipes then you will find them here.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lent has arrived!

Just skimming along at all the foodie blogs for something to make with Lent upon us. Being part of the Catholic Church all my life, the regulations continue to change. When I was younger it mainly consisted of fasting everyday and definitely fish foods on Friday. Now that I am older the fasting part is done with but I still need to have no meat on Fridays. Sooo, I went with the tuna casserole on Ash Wednesday. I made enough to freeze portions for another meal or two. Last night I made the bestest Salmon Filet. Soooo simple yet filling.
I feel sure my favorite sites will offer some ideas. Today I found a great recipe for Clam Chowder @ Gooseberry Patch on Facebook. True, I need some else to go with it, like dessert. Lo and behold, GP also had a recipe submitted for Mint-Chocolate Brownies. Looks like a did well for next Friday's meal. Meanwhile I shall be looking for other seafood meals. Being as I live on the coast of Mississippi where seafood is plentiful, I should be able to find some delectable fresh fish. Desserts-- I usually do not have a hard time with finding something in the freezer or just fruit cocktail and cookies.
Maybe someone out there might post their favorite seafood recipe for me to use.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Girl Scouts are on the march!

Girl Scout Cookies are arriving all over my town in MS. Last year I got the word at Wal-Mart, Blockbuster, the bank and many other places. One place they were not was at church. I figure my church community needed the charity more. It is a great organization for girls to belong and need our support.
With the change in weather here in the south, I started my own baking on Friday and kept the house warm as well with the oven on. I started out making Buttermilk Biscuits from SOUTHERN PLATE and moved on to Chocolate Chip Cookies from Martha Stewart. Then it was time to think about what to have for family dinner. I pulled the traditional pot roast from the freezer and got that started on the stove top. Once that was going, I needed a break to sit down at the computer and check out some of my favorite foodies being as it is Mardi Gras time. Here in Biloxi the parades started on Sunday and will go on thru Tuesday. I was looking for a recipe for King Cake and found it was easier to buy one that would take alot less time. Forget the King Cake for this year.
With Lent starting on Ash Wednesday I looked thru my recipes for meatless recipes. Found a Tuna Noodle Casserole that will do for one of the meals @ CD Kitchen but I have many more weeks ahead to prepare. One of my favorites is cheese pizza which is a given from Domino's. I bring it home, unbaked, and doctor it up with black olives and mushrooms. No point in paying for the extras when all I have to do is open a few cans. Right!
There you have it. Girl Scout Cookies are here. Mardi Gras is beginning and finishing on Ash Wednesday. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Sunday was the day for all football fans to watch the great game of the SUPER BOWL #44. I was one of them. As I patiently sat thru all the pre-bowl channels, I decided to go ahead and get started with the food. After all it was 5 p.m.
During the week I had gone thru all the sites that had all the goodies to have while the game was on. Here are a few of the places that had good recipes: SOUTHERN PLATE, PIONEER WOMAN GOOSEBERRY PATCH, Pillsbury, Bisquick. Now these ideas can be made for any gathering in the future. SP had a great chili recipe but PW outdid herself and had the bestest variety. Find her Super Bowl page and see for yourself.
So I had laid out for me all these goodies and I indulged. By half time I had enough of the small stuff and went on to the chili and natchos. In between I was jumping up and down when the Saints scored or had a great play. Needless to say, I had cheered enough but had lots of energy for the climax when the Saints intercepted a Colts pass and won 31-17. I am sure it was crazy in the French Quarter as they showed how it looked.
When you have time check out the great sites I mentioned with all their great recipes.