Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I have returned to the heat of the south

I had a fantastic 4th holiday and hope you did too. My consumption of food was an ongoing thing from morning til night. Naturally I am avoiding the scale cuz I really don't want to know.
Chicago has the best restaurants in the world and I managed to go to a few new ones. First off my friend served the best port wine by DOW. Now that has a fantastic flavor and so smooth.
I wanted to eat from menus that are not part of the routine here in the south. The first meal had chunks of tenderloin filet with onions, mushrooms and green peppers in a wine sauce along with a baked potato. Almost like green pepper steak but certainly a cut above that. Next meal I had a tenderloin filet and chicken breast combination plate with mashed potatoes and green beans. The finale started with a Bloody Mary with an artichoke/cheese dip as an appetizer. Then I ordered chicken linguini with cajun spices as the main meal.
As you can see I really enjoyed this trip which included lots of shopping, visiting with family and friends and certainly good food. Meeting old friends and renewing our friendships was the high-light of the trip. I have already started a list of things I want to do next time that I just did not have time for. Like a rainbow cone on Western Avenue, a SOX baseball game, getting to a musical downtown and so much more.
For now, however, memories of the past week are very vivid and certainly enjoyable.

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