Saturday, June 28, 2008

Chocolate is back!!!!

This dessert is fantastic to look at (isn't it)as well as to eat. Anything made of chocolate can only be good. The recipe title is Malted Chocolate Mousse Cakes, from "DESSERT FIRST" who adapted it from Pichet Ong's The Sweet Spot, which sounds exotic. The pictures says alot as well as looks heavenly. This is purely a company type dessert just by its appearance.
The following meal is something just great for summertime cooking. It is called "Zucchini Strand Spaghetti" from Smitten Kitchen who pulled it from Food Network's Michael Chiarello. As I commented to the chef this takes the place of spaghetti sauce and meatballs for me. It is suggested that just get the zucchini cut and cooked before adding to spaghetti as she says otherwise "it will be crunchy". It is so easy to make and can do great with a salad and hot garlic bread.
This last item is something I would never have believed but "chicken fried bacon" is served to the patrons in Sodolak's Original Country Inn in Snook, Texas. Here in the south "chicken fried steak" is a part of southern cooking in many households. The best way to describe this is to watch this video YOU TUBE showing how it is made and served pretty much the same as "chicken fried steak"(batter and gravy). "Serious Eats" had this on their blog and I just had to post it here. Wait until you watch the video.
This is it for the "FIRST ENTRY" on my new food blog. Hope you enjoyed and will try something new when you want something different.

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