Sunday, June 22, 2008


Welcome to Granny's Tasties #2. I am just starting a new blog due to log in problems which came about due to changing my email log in. Unless blogger can straighten out the problem and move my originial to the new log in, this will be where I will be posting to. Most of the information in the right magin will be the same as before. If you wish to find recipes or articles from #1, you can find them at GRANNY'S TASTIES ORIGINAL SITE. Even if they do straighten out the old site log in, I will continue on here being as I have gone to alot of trouble to carry over "what was to here". If you look on the right I list a site with the recipes that I have posted before prior to July 2008. I will add to that listing the address that will take you to the old postings. Otherwise everything will be sameo--sameo from before. Thanks for your patience in this transition cuz I am truly trying to keep mine.

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