Sunday, August 10, 2008

Celebrated the big day

Here we go, another year tacked on to my life. It has been great just to see how the world is evolving what with elections coming up, the stock market up and down, food and gas prices are horrendous, and the heat index sitting in the high-90's. This could really get to anyone BUT I took a day off from all this mess and said "Thank You, Lord for another year." Not much me or you can do with the above mentioned chaos, so I took sometime out for me. I proceeded to have a lovely lunch and said "Well, now what!" which turned out to be fun. I went to my favorite casino and played many different slots for hours. Nooooo, I did not win and did not lose. That is good news. Got a free bloody mary on the house and even tho I would have liked another, I knew one was enough. Living in the South for so many years has turned out to be a joy(until hurricanes come thru) being as I love the food and seafood available all year round. Without being gushy, I have been truly blessed over the years with a lovely husband and sweet pets to enjoy. My travels have taken me all over the USA and overseas. Now I am enjoying my passion, cooking old and new recipes. Enjoy your day as I am enjoying mine.

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