Sunday, August 3, 2008

Summer fruits and vegetables

I was visiting and found two interesting items to bring up today. The first one is on blueberries. They are in season and possibly you might be able to find someplace where you can pick your own. Someone in my family went out picking and came home with twelve pounds. Now that is alot to work with but they will enjoy. Anyway this site at Slashfood lists(scroll down the page) many different ideas for using blueberries for muffins, pies, etc. You may just find something of interest to use the pickings.
Also at Slashfood-ate I browsed all the blog entries back to 2006. These articles were written by numerous people and covered a large area of food and cooking. I noted that the blogs usually refer to food sites for the topic of the day and this is how I have acquired food blogs I would never had found otherwise. Also I found if I click on the author it will show all that the person has written recently. Usually in the middle of the page there is a list of all those who write for Slashfood over the years. It is a very interesting site to peruse.
I just wondered how your gardens were doing this year. With the price of food, having your own garden would sure help cut the cost of purchasing fresh vegetables. I may have to head to the farmer's market as my neighbor's garden did not put out too much this year. BooHoo! At Slashfood I also found a list of items(scroll down on the page) for all the zucchini that is coming forth.
So has given me and you great ideas for lots of recipes including those for blueberries and zucchini. Check out the site and see who is writing what.

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