Saturday, August 1, 2009

Make It Fast, Cook It Slow!

I just happened upon this slow cooking cookbook via looking at President Obama's food likes and dislikes while perusing Now that is a long way around to find a cookbook.
Let's start with web site where they have one-liners for topics to click on to read more. One that caught my eye was about President Obama's food likes and dislikes. The click thru took me to a discussion of his family recipe for making chili. It seems Good Morning America ran the recipe according to Huffingtonpost on 03-04-2008. I clicked thru to a few different sites to see what the recipe entailed and there I was at crockpot365--the site of President Obama's chili recipe. Each site had its own take on his recipe but this was made using a slow cooker. I proceeded to look thru the site being it had lots of recipe ideas to do with slow cooking.
Let's end with the slow cooking cookbook authored by Stephanie O'Dea namely "Make It Fast, Cook It Slow: The Big Book of Everyday Slow Cooking." This cookbook, available October, 2009, has a wide variety of recipes which has piqued my curosity. There are many, many slow cooking cookbooks available but I believe I will try to get this one.
So if you like to have slow cooking meals, give this a looksee. Right now my slow cooker is in the process of humming away for tonight's dinner.

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