Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Food Bloggers Moving On Up

Well I just finished reading about Christy's New York City Adventure and it was a hoot. Christy is the food blogger/author from Southern Plate and lives in a small town in Alabama. This was her first trip to New York City where she was meeting with publishers of her soon-to-be published cookbook. Not only that but she went alone. You have got to read about her New York City adventure and have a few laughs.
It is so great that we are able to share these adventures with Christy as well as Ree(The Pioneer Woman) being on TV and touring the country promoting her cookbook. Thanks much to Christy and Ree. These are two of my favorite food bloggers that share great recipes for us as well as down-home personal family stories and now, publishers of their own cookbooks. There are many food bloggers that are sharing their sites with recipes that perk up our daily cooking. I know that my cooking skills and menus have really perked up in recent months. It would be nice to occasionally send a thank you to these lovely folks for sharing their ideas.

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