Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lent has arrived!

Just skimming along at all the foodie blogs for something to make with Lent upon us. Being part of the Catholic Church all my life, the regulations continue to change. When I was younger it mainly consisted of fasting everyday and definitely fish foods on Friday. Now that I am older the fasting part is done with but I still need to have no meat on Fridays. Sooo, I went with the tuna casserole on Ash Wednesday. I made enough to freeze portions for another meal or two. Last night I made the bestest Salmon Filet. Soooo simple yet filling.
I feel sure my favorite sites will offer some ideas. Today I found a great recipe for Clam Chowder @ Gooseberry Patch on Facebook. True, I need some else to go with it, like dessert. Lo and behold, GP also had a recipe submitted for Mint-Chocolate Brownies. Looks like a did well for next Friday's meal. Meanwhile I shall be looking for other seafood meals. Being as I live on the coast of Mississippi where seafood is plentiful, I should be able to find some delectable fresh fish. Desserts-- I usually do not have a hard time with finding something in the freezer or just fruit cocktail and cookies.
Maybe someone out there might post their favorite seafood recipe for me to use.

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