Friday, February 26, 2010


These recipes really applie to folks who like to make casseroles. I do and did alot of this when I was feeding four very hungry children and I had to stretch the meals. Maybe they were not too fond of them but it certainly filled their stomachs and noone went away hungry. One of the boys used to make sure he had a good helping left on his plate so he could take it back to college. I assume he had a microwave cuz it just would taste better heated.
Anyway I just found two great casseroles by the same Chef John. One is with chicken and asparagus and soups. The other is with tuna and noodles and soups. Either one could easily be doubled if you would like to take it to a covered dish gathering. I doubled the chicken recipe because the kids liked it so much and sometimes changed out the asparagus for some other vegetable. Asparagus was not really their favorite.
Even now I make these and other casseroles but not in such quantity. The whole idea for me is to have something easy to reheat from left-overs that still tastes as good or better. Another idea is to make potato casseroles(no meat) that will go with most meat entrees. Like chicken, pork or beef. Sometime when you go out to Cracker Barrel try their potato side which is great. I will look for the recipe and post it another day.
Have a good weekend and enjoy your cooking time. Make enough for next day reheats.

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