Monday, February 22, 2010


If you have been watching the Olympics you may have caught the ads for the dipping sauce at McD for their nuggets. I decided to do some searching for the ingredients and how-to make my own. I have a great recipe for chili sauce from my grandmother that I think is great. We make it when the time is right for fresh tomatoes, etc. Seems this is a similar sauce to what I found at many different sources but it is known as 'Sweet-Chili-Thai-Sauce' and somewhat different ingredients. Lots of chilis, naturally, rice vinegar(never used it).
Anyway I made a list of sites to get a different view of how to make it. So far I have not picked any particular recipe to start with. Maybe I need to get over to McD to taste it to see if I like it.
Sweet chilli sauce is a popular condiment in Western and Malaysian cuisine. It is commonly made with chillis and some sweetening ingredient such as fruit or a refined sugar.,1-0,sweet_chilli_sauce,FF.html
This recipe is really different from a blogger in Denmark. Decided to go back and read the blog for whatever else might be there.
Links to the best recipe sites on the net for hot sauces, chilli sauce and spicy food recipes. Looking for Mexican or Thai recipes then you will find them here.

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